Poverty and Resurrection

This is neither a sermon from the pulpit, nor is it a Sunday School Bible lesson.  Rather, God is speaking to us in prophetic revelation.  What is prophetic revelation?  Revelation is the unveiling of scriptural mysteries to our understanding, enabling us to appropriate the unveiled truth in our lives.  A prophetic word is a now word that is proceeding from the mouth of God for the purpose of current fulfillment and soon-to-be manifestation.   Prophetic revelation is not gleaned from man’s doctrine, traditional understanding or a concordance search.

Hence, there is an urgency to hear what the Spirit is saying and to obey quickly. The time that we are entering into is a kairos season. In a kairos season, God’s word enters the natural realm with a revolutionary thrust that challenges and overcomes the status quo, and He brings in supernatural manifestation in an incredibly short time despite circumstances and opposition.

We come to a turning point as we study the progression of events in the life of Joseph (see Genesis chapters 37 – 50) and of Christ where we can turn knowledge and revelation into a strategic weapon to overcome the world system.  Joseph ruled over Egypt, the land of economic poverty, limitation and stress.  This study reveals the scriptural pathway through which we can rule in and over Egypt as Joseph did.

Wealth, Dominion and Creation

These biblical truths are vital keys to exercise dominion over poverty, lack and the financial distress of the world system.  We can use these keys successfully once we understand poverty by the mind of Christ.  Sometimes a truth becomes clearer when you understand its reciprocal or its opposite.  This is true of poverty. The depths of human poverty become clearer when we comprehend the magnitude of wealth that Adam had in the garden before he died spiritually and lost dominion.

And this wealth is neither in material possessions nor in physical assets.  God is the most precious entity in the universe.  As Christians, our wealth is computed by our relationship with the Almighty, by the measure of Christ in each of us, by our position in the government of His Kingdom and by our knowledge of God.

All of these combine to determine the degree of access we have to the presence of the Most High God, the Possessor of heaven and earth, the King, our Heavenly Father.  In God is all power, dominion, wisdom, riches, honor and might.  And He has given us inheritance in Himself and in His Kingdom.  It is all about God, His presence, and about being in Him just as much as He is in us.  This is true wealth that is beyond measure.  Hear the mind of Christ:

Wealth is a byproduct and the fruit of dominion.

God gives us the power to create wealth, the true meaning of Deuteronomy 8:18.

And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

God gives us divine power not to get wealth but to create wealth.  The Hebrew verb “to get,” as it is used in this passage means to “make, manufacture, fabricate, perform.”  When the word is used by God, it means to create as in Genesis 1:7,11,12,16,25.   The other major Hebrew verb describing God’s creative power is the verb bara used in Genesis 1:1 where God created the heavens and the earth, and most significantly in Genesis 1:27 describing the creation of mankind.

Bara means to create something out of nothing; to carve out, to form by cutting out.  Adam was created by being carved out of God! Adam was in the image and after the likeness of Elohim because he was a form carved out of the Original.  In Psalm 82:5-6 Elohim declares,

“They do not know, nor do they understand; They walk about in darkness; All the foundations of the earth are unstable.  I said,”You are gods (elohim),  And all of you are children of the Most High.”

Reformation and transformation begin by understanding our spiritual identity as sons of the Most High God, as Christ in the earth.  That identity restores to us the dominion with which God endowed us in creation.  Through dominion, we are empowered by God to create wealth.

And this, my brother and sister, is the definition of and the pathway towards genuine divine prosperity. Financial empowerment comes with the manifestation of Christ in the believer.  And Christ is a King and a Priest who is after manifesting His eternal Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  As Christ’s body in the earth, our financial empowerment begins and ends in His Kingdom.

The Spheres of Adam’s Dominion

While in the garden of Eden, Adam lived out of the limitless and inexhaustible resources of God’s Kingdom.  He was in perfect union with Father God and never had to sweat one moment for his livelihood.  The earth, nature and all of creation yielded its increase to Adam.  Adam exercised total dominion over all the works of God’s hands according to Genesis 1:26-28.

As we list the areas in which Adam exerted dominion, we are establishing a foundation for understanding poverty.  Mankind’s death through Adamic consciousness undermined our God-given dominion.  Wealth is a byproduct of dominion. Economic poverty is a primary fatality of losing dominion.  Adam exercised dominion in the following spheres:

  1. Spiritual  Identity.  Adam had dominion in the arena of spiritual identity because he was made in the likeness and after the image of God.  Through His spoken word in Genesis 1:26-28, Elohim created Adam as His duplicate offspring, bestowing upon him the identity of “created son of God”.  This identity is the Christ, the Son of God in whom we existed eternally before the world began (Ephesians 1:3,4).

In Genesis 1:26, the phrase ‘in our own image’ means that Elohim created Adam in His resemblance, or as His literal representation.  God is Spirit (John 4:24) so Adam was created spirit.  When God who is Light shone upon Adam, God saw a perfectly identical reflection of Himself, of His glory and of His attributes.  Adam, the offspring of God, had the same class of divinity as Elohim.  Indeed, God called him elohim according to Psalm 82:6.  The Lord Jesus confirms this divine identity in John 10:34.

Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”‘?  

We can disregard traditions and commentaries that translate the term elohim in Psalm 82:6 as “judges”.  John 10:3 is the Lord’s divine commentary on Psalm 82:6.  Jesus says “You are gods (theos).”  The Greek term theos means “gods”, plain and simple.

2. Access to God’s presence.  By enjoying oneness, identification, communion and fellowship with his Progenitor, Adam the son of God enjoyed uninterrupted access to the presence of Father God.  We become like Adam when dwelling in His presence; we are engulfed by His glory and empowered by His goodness, favor, mercy and truth.  God is light, life and love. In His presence, Adam exercised dominion over darkness, death, sickness and every kind of need or lack.  In God’s presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures for evermore (Psalm 16:11).

  1.  Consciousness. Elohim created Adam in His image and after His likeness (Genesis 1:26). In Hebrew, the term likeness is from a root word meaning to be like.  Not only in form, but much more so in function.  This Hebrew root means to “think, imagine, meditate, consider, purpose, plan, to have in mind”.  Hence, the term likeness is referring to the mind of God, the thought process of Elohim; it refers to His imagination, mental faculties, memory, wisdom and enlightenment.

 Adam processed thoughts and communicated faster than the speed of light.  He had creative faculties, imagination, conceptual power and intuitive logic. These we do not have access to with our limited human mental capacity, but only made possible by the Holy Spirit.  Adam possessed super natural abilities that defied the rules of nature, enabling him to move physically with incredible speed, even traversing galaxies.  With access to divine consciousness, there was nothing in the entire realm of nature that Adam could not subdue by sheer power, vision, thought or word.

Please recall that the soul is comprised of the will, emotions and mind.  Our human thinking is part of our soulish existence.  This is why we are exhorted to be renewed in the spirit of our mind and to let the mind which was in Christ Jesus also be in us.

Spiritual consciousness is not purely a faculty of the mind; spiritual consciousness is thinking as God while simultaneously identifying with God. It is a bedrock and a deep well within our spirit through which we commune with God .  This is the consciousness that Adam had in the Garden of Eden. As long as he ate only from the tree of life, he identified fully with God.  There was no identification with, nor consciousness of ‘self’, outside of God.  God and Adam were one, plain and simple.

Once Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree, they developed a consciousness of soul outside of God.  This is the definition of self.  Self is man’s consciousness of his soul and of his soulish identity outside of God.

  1.  Self. Adam was made from the dust of the earth.  When God breathed His Spirit into his nostrils, Adam became a living soul (Genesis 2:7).  Even though he was distinct from God, Adam had no consciousness of his carnal self outside of God.  Indeed, there was no consciousness of self – period, because Adam’s soul never existed separate from God.

When Eve and Adam ate of the forbidden tree, ‘self’ became enthroned in the place of God.  With God dethroned, strange streams of consciousness entered mankind for the first time: self-consciousness, self-doubt, fear, self-centeredness or egotism. The spirit lost total dominion in man.  Existence then became defined by the three elements of the soul: the will, the emotions and the mind. That paved the way for man to lose dominion and to suffer consequences that he never knew before.  Among them were death and poverty.

  1. Environment. Until he ate of the tree, Adam exerted total rulership over his environment, including the physical domain of the earth, which yielded its produce and riches to Adam without his toil and labor, to subduing all of God’s creation and creatures: the fish of the sea, the beasts of the fields, the fowls of the air and everything that crept.  Everything that constitutes our natural, environmental, social, cultural, legal , financial or spiritual order was subdued by Adam as He applied the supernatural power of God’s Kingdom over everything.

God’s Definition of Poverty

Poverty is not a demonic spirit because nowhere does the Bible speak of a “spirit of poverty” or a “demon of poverty.”  What we are about to share with you is a prophetic utterance from the mouth of God.  It is a “Thus says the Lord.”  God is revealing to us a mystery concerning poverty that we have not seen before.  The church, which is God’s people, has suffered from poverty long enough.  Poverty never glorifies our Father who is the Possessor of heaven and earth and has given us ownership of all things.

When Eve and Adam ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, sin entered the world and death became a ruler.  Every sphere of existence that Adam exercised dominion over became subject to the rule of the carnal mind.  This mind is enmity against God because it exists independently of God.  The serpent of Genesis 3:1 represents the carnal mind, which is consciousness of self outside of God.

For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. But each one in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, afterward those who are Christ’s at His coming (1 Corinthians 15:22,23, NKJV).

Everyone dies because all of us are related to Adam, being members of his sinful race, and wherever there is sin, death results. But all who are related to Christ will rise again (1 Corinthians 15:22, The Living Bible).

For in Adam all die.  Everything that lived, prospered, excelled and thrived as Adam exercised his God-given dominion now became subject to death.  For in Adam all die. The following is God’s definition of poverty.

Principle # 1

Financial poverty is Adamic death exercised over a people and manifested in an economic system.

 Financial lack and economic depravation are only symptoms of poverty.  Spiritually, poverty is the result of Adam losing his God-given dominion in the spheres of spiritual identity, consciousness, environment and access to God.  Instead of divinity ruling in man, God was dethroned and self became ruler.  The resources of the earth then became subject to the world system, the cosmos, which governs by the power of the carnal mind operating through man’s soul.  Welcome to poverty.

Poverty never existed until mankind exchanged total consciousness of Elohim with carnal (Adamic) consciousness.  The mind of Christ equals obedience to God, eating of the tree of life and exercising dominion.  The carnal mind is eating of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil which surrendered to death everything that Adam and Eve once had dominion over.  For in Adam all die.  This is the biblical foundation for understanding poverty and for reversing this curse.

Let us count Adam’s losses so that we may begin to comprehend the power, the depth and incredible impact of God’s redemption through Calvary’s blood.

  • Adam lost access to the mind of God and therefore he no longer knew nor remembered his true identity as spirit, as God’s created son.
  • With the loss of identification with God as Father, mankind lost spiritual consciousness of God and of himself in God.
  • Mankind lost dominion over every environment he once dominated: over the resources of the earth, over creation and all created animals, over nature, over his social and spiritual order.
  • The earth no longer yielded her increase to man; he fed himself only through the sweat of his brow as he wrestled with the thorns and thistles that the earth brought forth.
  • Poverty became the result of Adam losing his God-given dominion.

And who rules over this strange environment that came to existence?  Man through the agency of the carnal mind now rules over this new order in the earth which is called the world system or the cosmos.  This is a soulish government because the mind is a faculty of the soul.

The earliest comprehensive representation of this governmental order is Egypt, the land of limitations, poverty, stress and lack.  Egypt represents the land of Adamic toil and Adamic consciousness.  Egyptian mythology claimed that Pharaoh was empowered to rule over all Egypt by two goddesses, one represented by the cobra and the other by the vulture.  This dual empowerment was represented in Pharaoh’s crown: the front of the crown was adorned with the golden faces of a cobra and a vulture or with the faces of two cobras.  This conveyed the notion that these two goddesses were shining forth from Pharaoh’s forehead giving him power.  A vulture speaks of death and the cobra is the serpent of Genesis 3:1. Egypt is ruled by a king empowered by death ruling through the carnal mind!  No wonder many of us can never ever get ahead in the world.

Poverty came about as a result of succumbing to the seduction and the rule of the carnal mind, the serpent of Genesis 3:1.  And poverty is subdued and obliterated when we live in the spirit of Christ, exerting the same dominion that Adam employed in the garden of Eden.  That garden is a spiritual locale where God and man exist together, where heaven and earth meet.  It is called the Kingdom of God.  And the authority and the King of this Kingdom is within us. Living in Christ – by the faith of the Son of God – restores us into our lost dominion; it is the only antidote against poverty.

Resurrection: The Answer to Poverty

In the original Greek, resurrection means a return to life from the dead or a restoration into an earlier state of life and well being.  It is used in both testaments to indicate the physical resurrection of the body from death. The Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection from the dead.  Most fundamental Christian doctrines limit the term resurrection to the physical resurrection from the dead and they specify this as a future event associated with Christ’s second appearing on the earth.

Religion defers all things to the future, beginning with the Kingdom of God, the manifestation of the sons of God, the revealing of Christ in the earth and of course resurrection.  Death is the separation of the spirit from the body.  Death entered mankind through Adamic consciousness.  Resurrection from the dead demands a reversal of the death process by changing spiritual consciousness through the renewing of the mind.  Indeed, we have been crucified and have died with Christ, and the life that we now live is a life of resurrection which we live by His faith (Galatians 2:20).  Resurrection is not limited to opening the graves and raising bodies from the dead at a future time.

Principle # 2

Resurrection is NOT an event, past nor future.  Resurrection is a PERSON named Christ who exists eternally.  He now lives in you and me.

Outside the tomb of Lazarus in Bethany, before He went to the cross of Calvary and before He experienced death, the Lord Jesus tells Martha,

Jesus said to her (Martha), “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this (John 11:25,26, NIV)?”

Jesus said to her, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who is believing in Me, even if he should be dying, shall be living. And everyone who is living and believing in Me, should by no means be dying for the eon (AGE). Are you believing this?” (John 11:25,26, Concordant Literal New Testament)              

Jesus of Nazareth was the First Fruit of those who rise from the dead.  Jesus died, and never exited the tomb in His physical body.   The dead body of Jesus was quickened and energized by the resurrection life of the Father. What came out was a spiritual body.  This is why neither Mary of Magdalene nor the disciples on the road to Emmaus recognized Him; He appeared to them in a different form (Mark 16:12).

How does resurrection relate to poverty?  Poverty is Adamic death exercising dominion over a people within the context of an economic system.  But resurrection life in Christ empowers us because it restores to us the dominion the first Adam lost in the garden.  1 Corinthians 15:45 declares,

“And so it is written, the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit (KJV).”

The Last Adam is Christ who IS the resurrection and the life. Adamic death is reversed in Christ. Ultimately, knowing this truth gives us power over poverty. The key question then is: when does Resurrection manifest in us whereby we rule over poverty?  1 Corinthians 15:23 tells us.

But each one in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, afterward those who are Christ’s at His coming.

We are resurrected at His coming – or better yet, at His presence.  Literally, the Greek reads at His presence, at His arrival.  This is the Greek term parousia (Strong’s #3952) which is not an eschatological term related to the so-called rapture.  Parousia or coming means unveiling within your spirit being.

What you are reading now is part of His parousia, or the unveiling of the Christ nature to your understanding.  Therefore we are now being resurrected from the death that tradition and religious ignorance has planted between our ears.  And resurrection is progressive.  The more we know Him, the greater is His presence and life in us.

We all died in the First Adam.  But in Christ, the Last Adam, we are now being resurrected into His zoe eternal life.  Resurrection is a present day reality: you do not have to literally die and wait for the resurrection of the dead.  We died with Christ because we have been crucified with Him (Galatians 2:20); therefore when Christ is unveiled in our spirit in salvation, He is revealed in us as the resurrected Christ.  This is our true spirit identity. And this is the meaning of Emmanuel, God is with us: He manifests his presence in us, which is His parousia.

Christ is spirit, and He is alive and present in us now because he who is joined to the Lord has become one spirit with Him (1 Corinthians 6:17). And if His presence is in us now, then we cannot help but manifest His resurrection life. And if this is the case, then by His resurrection life we can now begin to exercise dominion over death and poverty which He has already overcome. Redemption means release that is obtained by the payment of a ransom, total deliverance and liberation by paying a price.  The precious blood of Jesus has broken every chain of bondage, captivity, death and slavery in every arena of life and spirit.

Where does the resurrected Christ dwell?  He dwells in you and me. Now. We are His manifestation in this visible realm. He speaks through us and walks with us. We are His hands and His feet. He is our Head and His mind is our mind.  The more we realign our thinking with His word, the greater resurrection power we can exercise.  Since we are one with Christ, then when the Resurrected Christ speaks through the Scriptures, we also speak.  Please read Revelation 1:18 as though it pertains to YOU personally as well as to Christ our Head.  Please read S-L-O-W-L-Y.

I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death (Revelation 1:18).

Did you die with Him on Calvary? Galatians 2:20 says that you did.  Then you have also risen with Him in resurrection power and you now live forevermore.  And you have the keys of hell and death; because He is in you, what He possesses, you possess.  Indeed, He gave us the keys twice: He gave us the keys in Matthew 16:19 and again in Revelation 1:18.

And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 16:19)   

Do you realize that the plural term “keys” is mentioned only twice in the entire Bible.  Revelation 1:18 is one of them; the other mention is in Matthew 16:19.  Keys denotes authority and power.  Resurrection life – or the Christ in us – gave us legitimate ownership of the keys that lock down hell and death according to Revelation 1:18.  And the resurrection life of Christ in us according to Matthew 16:19 gives us the keys of the Kingdom of heaven, or the power to exercise the dominion of Christ, the same dominion that He gave Adam in Genesis 1:26,27.  How do we exercise that dominion? We do so by agreeing with Him in mind and understanding, and by allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us.

How do we agree with Him?  Here is another mystery hid in Matthew 16:19.  The proper translation of the original Greek of Matthew 16:19 should read:

And whatever you bind on earth is already bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth has already been loosed in heaven (Matthew 16:19, paraphrased).

We bind on earth what the Father has already bound in heaven, and we loose on earth what the Father has already loosed in heaven.  We agree with Him by following the example of Jesus Christ: He only spoke what He heard the Father speaking and only performed the works that His Father was doing.

Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner. For as the Father raises the dead and gives life to them, even so the Son gives life to whom He will (John 5:19,21).

Are you ready to bind poverty, death, hell and every lie that religion, tradition and culture have deceived you with?  You might as well because Christ has already given you the keys to bind those enemies.  And He has already given us the keys to open up the resources, abundance, life and truth of God upon a dying world.  We can overcome the poverty / death of Egypt by His resurrection life in us.  We have the keys!

Meaning of Poverty In Hebrew

The Hebrew language supports the definition of poverty. This is how we have defined financial poverty in this article:

Financial poverty is Adamic death exercised over a people and manifested in an economic system.

The primary term for the word poverty in Hebrew means “poverty; to impoverish; to dispossess; to take possession of; to come to poverty; to devour; to destroy; to bring to ruin; to disinherit”.

But paradoxically, the term also means “to inherit; to cause others to inherit or possess”.  This dual meaning is so powerful because it supports what the Holy Spirit has revealed concerning poverty as being Adamic death exercised over a people and manifested in an economic system.

At the beginning, Adam and Eve possessed eternal life and had no need of resurrection life because they had not tasted of death.  When sin entered their being they became mortal, subject to death, cursed.  They were not only subject to death in their physical bodies; but also death in their relationship with God, and the loss of their God-given dominion which allowed poverty to enter humanity.

The big question is who or what caused Adam to lose everything and become subject to the curse of poverty?  The answer is clear: it was the carnal mind that entered the consciousness of Eve when she partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  In due time, Adam also partook of the same fruit. Their perception of themselves changed. They were no longer eternal, holy beings made in the image and nature of God, after taking the fruit they perceived they were naked, and therefore hid themselves (Genesis 3:7-8).

  1. Who died? Adam and Eve were now subject to death.
  1. Who dispossessed Adam and Eve? Their own carnal minds. Their consciousness of evil caused them to be dispossessed, to be impoverished, to come to ruin, to suffer poverty.
  1. What did Adam and Eve inherit? They inherited death and poverty – both go hand in hand with the carnal mind.
  1. What did Adam and Eve cause their offspring to inherit? Death and poverty, poverty being the greatest generational curse that mankind suffers.

Passover And Economic Empowerment

Egypt represents any land of toil and hard labor where we are dispossessed economically.  We work in Egypt by the sweat of our Adamic brows for a system that enriches itself at our expense.  Therefore Egypt is the land of Adamic labor and Adamic consciousness.  In the Passover, God killed the first born among the Egyptians.  The firstborn among the Jews was killed in type in the Passover Lamb.

‘Coming out of Egypt’ means overcoming the rule of Adam economically.   Pharaoh does not typify Satan; Pharaoh represents the oppressive rule of the carnal mind that Adam passed on to us through sin.  Christ’s resurrection life in you will abolish Adamic consciousness and set you on a course towards economic freedom from the world.  The proof is in Exodus 11.  Let the Scriptures speak to us in disarming simplicity. Exodus chapter 12 gives us the details of the Passover.  However, Exodus chapter 11 gives us a preview of our economic empowerment: in verses 2-3, the Israelites ask and receive from the Egyptians for the wealth of Egypt.  Verse 5 tells us why: the firstborn – Adam – is about to be killed that night.

“Speak now in the hearing of the people, and let every man ask from his neighbor and every woman from her neighbor, articles of silver and articles of gold.” And the LORD gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh’s servants and in the sight of the people.  Then Moses said, “Thus says the LORD:’About midnight I will go out into the midst of Egypt; and all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh who sits on his throne, even to the firstborn of the female servant who is behind the hand mill, and all the firstborn of the animals (Exodus 11:2-5).”

God empowered the Israelites economically just before He killed the firstborn – Adam – in Egypt. This act signifies that resurrection life is the only antidote to poverty.  The proof is that the Passover lamb foreshadows Christ’s death on Calvary, for Christ has become our Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7).  When He died on the cross, we died with Him and were resurrected with Him.  Killing the Passover lamb released the Israelites from the economic poverty of Egypt.  The death of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world gives us His resurrection power to overcome the poverty that the sin of Adam caused to enter the world. See 2 Corinthians 8:9.

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich (2 Corinthians 8:9).

Joseph Experienced Resurrection

In Joseph, we have a prototype of the overcomer who rules and exercises dominion in Egypt, the world system.  Please keep in mind that:

  1. Egypt is an economic system established by the power of the carnal mind and ruled by death which Adamic sin released – remember Pharaoh’s crown.
  1. Egypt perpetuates poverty from one generation to the next.
  1. We overcome poverty in the world system by the power of Christ’s resurrection.   Progressively, the Body of Christ through resurrection will regain dominion over all the works of God upon the earth.

If Egypt’s economic system represents poverty through Adamic death, and since poverty can only be conquered through resurrection power, then Joseph must have exercised resurrection power in order to subdue and rule over Egypt.  God’s truth is infallible, working the same in all generations.

And indeed, we have proven that Joseph experienced resurrection power when the Christ in him was activated through the God given dreams.  The sheaf of grain in the first dream linked Joseph prophetically to the resurrection of Christ through the offering of the sheaves of first fruits.  In the first dream, Joseph’s sheaf which was bound and cut down – speaking of death, all of a sudden stood upright – signifying resurrection.

Hence, the sheaf of grain arising after being cut down links Joseph prophetically with Christ’s resurrection.  Paul identifies the resurrected Christ as the first fruits of those who rise from the dead.

But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep (1 Corinthians 15:20).

Sheaves are bundles of grain stalks that are laid lengthways and are bound together after reaping. The stalk which is the main stem of the grain has a few ears of corn on it.  So a single sheaf is a bundle of grain stalks that are bound.  Allegorically, the term binding conveys the same imagery that the name “Egypt” symbolizes: to enclose, to bind, to put limits upon.  The sheaves of grain reached maturation and were then cut down with a sickle which signifies the plant reaching the end of its life cycle.  Cutting down speaks of death. In the dream, Joseph’s sheaves stood up, signifying resurrection.

The Hebrew word for the verb stood up means to “arise, to raise, to stand upright, to cause to stand,” all speaking figuratively of rising from the dead.  It is synonymous with the Hebrew verb quom which the Lord used in raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead “Talitha, quomi” (Mark 5:41).

From Passover To Pentecost

Jesus is the firstfruits of resurrection and we are the rest of the resurrection harvest.  The proof is in the second Feast of Israel, the Feast of Pentecost, also known as the Feast of Harvest or the Feast of Weeks. Pentecost is a Greek term meaning fifty.  Exactly fifty days after the sheaves of firstfruits were waived before God, Israel celebrated the Feast of Harvest.  Fifty days after Jesus was resurrected, on that first Sunday the Holy Spirit fell upon the 120 gathered in the upper room in Jerusalem.

Pentecost also is the giving of the Holy Spirit to all those who believe that Jesus is the Christ.  It is the breath of God coming down like a mighty rushing wind and infilling us with the eternal Spirit of God that Elohim breathed into the nostrils of the First Adam.  This is the anointing, the Christos, now made available to all of us in the same manner that He descended and rested upon Jesus of Nazareth at His baptism. The same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead resides in us.

But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you (Romans 8:11).

That same Christos, anointing, resurrection life is what caused the sheaves of Joseph to stand up.  The dream bestowed dominion and authority upon Joseph through identifying Joseph with the resurrection life of Christ.  The dreams activated Christ in Joseph.  And Joseph exercised Christ’s dominion whereby he exerted resurrection power over the economy of Egypt, an economy ruled by Adamic death and Adamic consciousness.

Now speak this prayer out loud:

“Lord Jesus Christ, I do believe that through your death and resurrection I have the keys to death, hell, the grave and every curse associated with them, which includes poverty. I receive the fullness of redemption that you purchased with your own blood, including the power to create wealth. Holy Spirit, you live in me and your anointing is in me to teach me all things. Help me to understand how to employ the keys, the fullness of the dominion of Christ the Lamb of God in every area of my life. Teach me how to make the richness and glory of your Kingdom become a manifest reality for me, thereby eliminating poverty and every other curse. Thank you Lord!”

Hasan Fawaz, October 23.2017